Custom HTML Elements

Logo grid

In this theme we have included support for the grid layout with logotypes. It is based on the following structure:

<div class="gk-grid" data-cols="3">
<a href="#logo1"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo1.png" alt="Logo I"></a>
<a href="#logo2"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo2.png" alt="Logo II"></a>
<a href="#logo3"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo3.png" alt="Logo III"></a>
<a href="#logo4"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo4.png" alt="Logo IV"></a>
<a href="#logo5"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo5.png" alt="Logo V"></a>
<a href="#logo6"><img src="/images/demo/logotypes/logo6.png" alt="Logo VI"></a>

The most important are the gk-grid class and the data-cols attribute – this attribute specifies amount of the columns of logotypes. You can specify up to 8 columns.